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Wishmaster Collection 1997 2002 1080p Bluray x264-MIXED

Wishmaster.Collection.1997.2002.1080p.Bluray.x264-MIXED Summary:  A demonic djinn attempts to grant its owner three wishes, which will allow him to summon his brethren to Earth. Director: Robert Kurtzman Stars: Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff, Robert Englund, Chris Lemmon Links:...


Crocodile Dundee Movie Collection 1986-2001 1080p x264-MIXED

Crocodile.Dundee.Movie.Collection.1986-2001.1080p.x264-MIXED Summary:  An American reporter goes to the Australian outback to meet an eccentric crocodile poacher and invites him to New York City. Director: Peter Faiman Stars: Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, John Meillon, David Gulpilil...


Cars 2006-2017 Trilogy 1080p BluRay x264 DTS-iSm

Cars.2006-2017.Trilogy.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-iSm Summary: The famous race car Lightning McQueen and his team are invited to compete in the World Grand Prix race. There, McQueen’s best friend Mater, finds himself involved in international espionage, and alongside...


Ip Man 2008-2015 1080p BluRay x264-MiXED

Ip.Man.2008-2015.1080p.BluRay.x264-MiXED Summary: A semi-biographical account of Yip Man, the first martial arts master to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun. The film focuses on events surrounding Ip that took place in the...