Gift Guides: A Christmas Gift Guide for Difficult People

We’ve all got that someone on our holiday list. You know the one. The person who seemingly has everything, which in turn makes it impossible to buy them something useful let alone meaningful. Lucky for you, instead of stressing out while scrolling endlessly online or wandering the mall for hours, we’ve done the hard work […] The post Gift Guides: A Christmas Gift Guide for Difficult People appeared first on Slice.

December 2020 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career

With 2020 (finally!) drawing to a close, read on to discover your December 2020 monthly horoscopes. Find out what the stars have to say about your love life, social life and career this month and beyond from Astrology Detective. The post December 2020 Horoscopes: What the Stars Have in Store for Your Love Life and Career appeared first on Slice.

Katy Perry Dresses As A Christmas Tree Tied On Top Of A Car For Festive ‘Disney Holiday Singalong’

Katy Perry definitely loves a good costume, and she rocked one of her best yet on Monday’s “Disney Holiday Singalong”. Viewers got quite the surprise as Perry started off her performance dressed as a Christmas tree tied to the top of a car. Perry belted out “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” before singing her song

UGG Has So Many Good Black Friday Deals, Where Do We Start?

When it comes to shopping cozy items, the brand UGG inevitably comes to mind.

I was a PG-13 Cam Girl and Here’s Why the Money Wasn’t Worth It

Technology has always been my friend. As an older Millennial, I grew up with sites such as Livejournal and Myspace, and when YouTube first started to gain popularity, I quickly jumped on board and began uploading content. It’s something I wish I would have continued as that “what if” voice whispers in the back of […] The post I was a PG-13 Cam Girl and Here’s Why the Money Wasn’t Worth It appeared first on Slice.

Duchess Kate previews big plans to help support parents following her early years survey

The Duchess of Cambridge presented some of the findings from her '5 Big Questions on the Under 5s' survey on Nov. 26 and 27.

Coach's Holiday Campaign Stars Paris Hilton and Old School Instant Messenger - So Yeah, That's Hot

Coach tapped Paris Hilton and fashion house muses Rickey Thompson and Kim Petras to star in the holiday campaign for its Swinger bag, which is an archival silhouette revived.

13 Things You Should Know About Pet Adoption

Thinking of adding a pet to your family? Separate fact from fiction with our handy checklist. The post 13 Things You Should Know About Pet Adoption appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Cottagecore holidays: Decorations with a homespun vibe

Along with bread-baking and closet reorganizing, another nesting trend on the home front is “cottagecore” style. “The cottagecore esthetic swarmed the internet this year with its revival of traditional ideals and the glorification of a simple yet charming cottage lifestyle,” says Amanda Brennan, trend expert for Tumblr. Engagement on the social platform for cottagecore began spiking in early spring and hasn't abated, she reports. Now it's...

This Wife Carried Her Injured Husband Back to Safety | Reader's Digest

A dream honeymoon hike to the rim of a jungle crater ends with a terrible fall. Now a young bride must get her severely injured husband medical care—by herself. The post After Her Husband Fell Into a Dormant Volcano on Their Honeymoon, This Woman Had to Carry Him to Safety Alone appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Scorpio: Monthly horoscope December

Scorpio: Here is your free predictions for the month of December

Our Favourite Fall and Winter Cookbooks of 2020

Telfar x UGG's Coveted Shearling Bag Is Available to Preorder For 24 Hours Only

Get excited because we finally get to shop a few pieces from the highly anticipated UGG x Telfar collaboration.

Libra: Your daily horoscope - December 01

Libra: here are your free predictions for the day December 01

My Big Italian Adventure: Check Out Lorraine Bracco's Sicilian Dream Home Reno!

See how actress Lorraine Bracco transformed a one-euro Italian home into a stunning dream home.

The best Giving Tuesday offers from brands the royals love

There are some brilliant causes to support.

8 Amazing Virtual Canadian Fitness Classes To Try This Winter

Rex Murphy: Adamson Barbecue and the epidemic of snobbery

People have picked up on some of the outside or secondary dimensions of the BBQ standoff. The tight COVID regime has much to do with it, certainly. But leaking through the high thoughts about public health and personal responsibility are strands of comment and observation far distant from either. Cheri DiNovo, a one-time celebrated politico and veteran activist, has released her insights via everyone’s favourite publisher, Twitter, on Adam...

Make This Holiday Season More Rewarding With AIR MILES

We wouldn’t blame you if you were ready to bid 2020 adieu, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a whole lot of joy this season. In fact, a little festivity may be just the reprieve you need to get through the final stretch of the year. And while your holidays are likely to look different this time around, we’re certain there’s still lots of love and cheer to celebrate. With AIR MILES, you can get everything you need for the season and save...

18 Top-Rated Salicylic Acid Products to Face Your Breakouts and Oily Skin Head On

Whether you've had acne for years or it's popped up in recent months, chances are you're reading this because you're looking for a solution.

11 Christmas Gift Ideas That Prove You Survived 2020

Add these to your shopping cart. 🛒

Dairy Queen Canada's Festive Blizzard Just Dropped & It's Perfect For December

It's the new Blizzard of the month! 🍨🎄

FLARE Faves: Our Top Buys From November

Let Me Introduce You to the Homecoat, aka the Coziest WFH Robe in Existence

I live in an old house that wasn't built with a heater.

Style Trends You Didn’t Know Originated From Black Culture

Black culture is influential — whether we’re talking about Black Twitter, music, politics, or style. Black culture is is the root of immense creativity and and is powerful in its persuasiveness. Our trends often catch on fire and spread quickly, often crossing borders and showing up in media around the world. Often, they show up […] The post Style Trends You Didn’t Know Originated From Black Culture appeared first on Slice.

Ciara and Russell Wilson Launched a Fashion House, Just in Time For Holiday Shopping Season

Russell Wilson and Ciara just casually launched their own fashion house a few weeks after releasing their own fragrance, thus upping the ante for the definition of #couplegoals.

99 Genius Tips That Will Make Your Holidays So Much Better

From grocery shopping to cooking to using up the leftovers, we've assembled expert tips to help you through the holiday season. The post 99 Genius Tips That Will Make Your Holidays So Much Better appeared first on Reader's Digest.

The Queen and Prince Philip to spend Christmas at Windsor Castle

This is the first time Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh haven't spent Christmas at Sandringham since 1987.

8 Things Your Farts Can Reveal About Your Health

Feel free to deny or walk away fast, but passing gas up to 20 times a day is completely normal. When your fart count goes higher, however, it could mean something else. The post 8 Things Your Farts Can Reveal About Your Health appeared first on Reader's Digest.

30 Before and After Bathroom Renovations

See our most dramatic bathroom renovation ideas from your favourite HGTV Canada shows for a little inspiration.

Jenna Lyons on Her New TV Show and the One J.Crew Piece She'll Never Get Rid Of

You know Jenna Lyons as the former president of J.Crew who became known as the "woman who dresses America" thanks to her recognizable sense of style.

I Am Queer And Plus-Size — Here’s Why I Prefer Clothing Swaps To Shopping New

When I came out as queer, my sense of style changed dramatically. Not just the individual pieces, but also the way I bought them, wore them, and presented my sexuality in them. Before coming out, I associated queerness with something to hide, so I wore clothes fit for that purpose. Straight cuts with dark colors and little flair were my comfort. But once I’d embraced my identity and discovered queer fashion icons and art communities, I began to...

19 Beauty Advent Calendars We’re Buying Early (Before They Sell Out)

When it comes to holiday beauty gifts, there are limited edition bundled sets and then there are advent calendars. These epic boxes are singular in their packaging — which you’ll want to repurpose for years to come (my mom puts mini chocolates in them) — never failing in delivering that festive wow factor. Not to mention, beauty brands go especially hard when it comes to filling their advent calendars with a more-is-more approach. And, if past...

Want to Commit to Sustainable Fashion Practices? Follow This Guide

I used to think I was a conscious shopper.

How to Care For Your Poinsettia After the Holidays

With the proper care, your holiday houseplants can last well into the new year. The post How to Care For Your Poinsettia After the Holidays appeared first on Reader's Digest.

10 Natural Solutions for Dry Winter Skin

Cold weather is coming and along with it, dry skin. Keep your skin smooth and flake-free this year with these 10 natural solutions for dry winter skin. The post 10 Natural Solutions for Dry Winter Skin appeared first on Slice.

20 Funniest Animal Stories of 2020

When an octopus high-fives you, is it actually a high-eight or a high-one? The post 20 Funniest Animal Stories of 2020 appeared first on Reader's Digest.

The Fascinating Origins of 10 Favourite Christmas Traditions

No Christmas celebration feels complete without a decorated tree, stockings hung by the chimney, and a rousing round of carols. But where did each of those cherished holiday traditions come from? The post The Fascinating Origins of 10 Favourite Christmas Traditions appeared first on Reader's Digest.

5 Skin-Care Trends We Can't Get Enough of That Will Be Everywhere in 2021

If all of a sudden you see a new facial popping up all over Instagram, or you notice more than just a few celebrities buzzing about a new laser treatment, you can bet it's a new skin-care trend gaining traction.

12 New Year’s Resolutions That Help You Live Longer

Sure, losing weight and exercising more are healthy resolutions that can help you live longer, but these resolutions are something you can work on each month and end the year feeling younger! The post 12 New Year’s Resolutions That Help You Live Longer appeared first on Reader's Digest.

7 Running Gloves That’ll Make Your Cold-Weather Workouts Bearable

It's getting colder, which means I'm packing away my running shorts and pulling out my base layers and running gloves. Yes, gloves may seem premature, but I hate to start off a run feeling frozen, and gloves make all the difference. There's a common misconception that "all your body heat escapes through your head" when you're in the cold. The truth is that body heat escapes through whichever exposed body part has the most surface area, which is...

13 Quirky Facts About Christmas in Canada | Reader's Digest Canada

Do you know Rudolph's Canadian connection? Or how many turkeys get devoured at Canadian dinner tables? The post 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Christmas in Canada appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Rihanna Reveals the Secrets to Her No-Makeup Makeup Look

If you’re waiting for Rihanna to drop new music — it may be time for you to throw in the towel. Riri is booked and busy for the foreseeable future considering her beauty, skincare and lingerie lines are enormously successful. Her latest makeup tutorial lets us in on how she maintains her flawless skin and […] The post Rihanna Reveals the Secrets to Her No-Makeup Makeup Look appeared first on Slice.

Mall Security Has Best Reaction After Stray Dog Wanders Inside

The other day, Jan Mart Calimpong was visiting a mall near his home in the Philippines when he noticed someone unexpected who evidently had the same idea. It was a stray dog, lying comfortably in the middle of the walkway. “It was unusual,” Calimpong told The Dodo. The dog, it seems, was looking for people to love on him — and that’s exactly what he found. Jan Mart Calimpong Calimpong began recording a video as a mall security guard was alerted...

Bath & Body Works Just Slashed the Prices on Everything For Its Huge Cyber Monday Sale

There's no better time to get a good deal at Bath & Body Works than during a sweet holiday sale.

Millennial Money: Be effective with your generosity in 2020

If you’re fortunate enough to be able to donate money this year, plenty of causes need your attention. In a year like 2020, choosing where to direct your dollars is like picking your favourite child. Should your money go toward nonprofits providing basic needs, organizations fighting for social justice or a campaign to help local small businesses stay afloat? If you prefer donating your time, how do you give back when volunteer events are...

Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of Christmas Words

You rarely encounter these Christmas words in everyday life, but you'll hear them sung in timeless carols during the holiday season. May this Word Power quiz strike the right note to put you in the festive spirit! The post Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of Christmas Words appeared first on Reader's Digest.

The Best Winter Coats Buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Give back this holiday season―here’s how

Christmas is rightly known as “the Season of Giving,” and that extends beyond buying gifts for friends and family. It’s also a time to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves—lonely senior citizens, poor families, hungry children, homeless youth, the list goes on—and thankfully there are myriad ways to do all that and more. Here are the most effective and rewarding options.

29 Wardrobe Staples We're Taking From Katie Holmes's Closet

There's something about Katie!